Bespoke Illustrations Membership

An illustration membership to create breath-taking websites without breaking the bank.
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Illustration Membership


1. Custom-Made Illustrations

Work with a designer every month to create a custom-made illustration for your website from selected styles (This is included in the membership price!)

2. Quality Illustration Library

Get access to a growing library of high-quality illustrations that are consistent in style. Use these illustrations to supercharge your website!


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3. Prosper with greater sales!

Combine the custom-made illustration and the illustration library to create a truly awesome website! No more template illustrations that make your websites look generic.
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Endless Possibilities

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Easy colour change

Easily change the colour of illustrations to match your brand

Modular illustrations

Illustrations can easily be separated into components to create even more unique illustrations

Vector scalable

All illustrations are vector scalable and can be sized up and down without quality loss

Simple Membership Pricing

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Unlimited access to all illustrations
Custom Made Illustrations
Library of illustrations -
Dozens of illustrations added monthly
New illustrations packs every month
Exclusive members only Slack Channel
Access to our members only slack channel
PNG, SVG format files
Premium Support
Cancel Anytime


What License will I get for illustrations created by your designers

All illustrations created will be owned by Ascent Studio - This is what allows us to keep the membership price affordable (typically Illustrations cost us ~$100 to make). However, all illustrations (inc. those in the library) can be used for commercial purposes, this includes work with clients. Members however cannot redistribute or sell the illustrations. For more information please refer to our licensing terms.

Can I use the illustrations for Client/Freelance work?

Of course! The only limitation is that you cannot redistribute or sell the illustrations as your own.

How many illustrations will be added to the library each month?

Illustrations created by our designers for members will be added to the illustration library for all members to use. This means, if we have 200 members each member will receive 200 new illustrations monthly!

In addition, we also will be releasing a new illustration pack with a new style each month, these typically go for $32.

Will the illustrations created still be unique if other members have access to them

The plan is to make this service an exclusive membership where only 200 members can join. We want these Illustrations to remain unique and not become generic.

If I cancel can I still use the Illustrations?

Yes! Being a member grants you life time access to the illustrations used. However, you won't get access to future illustrations added to the library.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Email us at We'll cancel your subscription immediately with no hidden charges.

How many designs do I get a month from your designer?

Each month you will get 1 custom-made illustration from our selected styles. If you wish you can also use this for icons/animated illustrations on existing designs.


If I want more illustrations how much does it cost?

Members get a discounted rate of $30/hour (Normally $40/hr). From past experiences it takes about 2-3 hours per illustration. However this is dependent on the complexity of the illustration.

What styles are available?

The styles are available currently are shown in our illustration library. We will be increasing the number of styles we have available each month :)!

Can I change the colour of the illustrations?

Yes of course! We've made the illustrations modular making it easy for you to change the colours. This also means you can mix and match objects from the illustrations to create unique illustrations.

Can I get access to all the illustrations without becoming a member?

Unfortunately, the only way we can continue creating designs monthly is through our membership. Our membership works on the basis of you give and take. Additionally it would be unfair to current members.

What if the number of members are low?

If the number of members drop below 12 we will refund you the full amount for the 2 months. In addition the illustration packs that you get for free as part of signing up and the ones we regularly release will be a complimentary gift for your troubles.

How will I work with your designers?

Our designers are experienced in working with clients - Simply define the requirements over email, relax and you'll have a unique hand-drawn illustration in no time.

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